What we Trade

We buy, sell and loan on anything gold and silver:

  • Precious Metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium)
  • Bullion (pure items GST free. Trading from daily Perth Mint prices¹)
  • Coins (both Australian and world)
  • Gold in all shapes and sizes, for example:
    • Alluvial (any amount, cash paid on the spot)
    • Nuggets (premium will be paid on nuggets with character)
    • Jewellery (new and second hand, bought and sold by weight¹)
    • Scrap (any amount, any condition, yellow or white)
    • Bench Jeweller Lots (filings, lemal, polishing dust, etc.)
  • Antique Gold and Silver collectables

We also deal in:

  • Diamonds (loose or set; well below retail rates¹)
  • Medals and Militaria
  • Bank Notes (pre-decimal and decimal, world notes)
  • Australian and World stamps (mint or used)

¹ Contact us for a quote.

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